Skype Hotkeys, Shortcuts and Chat Commands

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  1. Kosi2801 says:

    Nice list of common shortcuts. I’ve also collected a more complete list of chat-commands at
    maybe there’s some more in there for you :)

    Do you know if it’s also possible to search not only in the visible parts of a chat in the window but also in the hidden history (the one which can be displayed by clicking 7-days, 30-days… at the top of a chat-window)?

  2. Dr says:

    Thanks Kosi – nice list.
    As for ur question I suppose you click that button/link (7, 30 or beginning) and then hit ctrl+F. Not sure its what u want tho.

  3. mdshopol says:

    This program help me to share to another person

  4. khrysta says:

    i downloaded the new windows 8 beta and it caused the pop out option in skype to not be listed any longer whats the key command so maybe i can try it and see if its still enable that way its possible to do but im not sure how i was messing around and trying to figure it out and it popped up multiple times but i couldnt figure out why.

  5. EDIT, I meant:

    I cannot get “F3/Shift-F3: Find Next/Previous Match (use after Ctrl+F)” to work in Skype (v. 7.24 for Windows).

    I tried it just after searching for a phrase and after closing the search bar, it didn’t work in any of the two cases.

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