VLC – VideoLan (Full-Screen) Controls

This versatile media player also comes with a stunning list of full-screen playback controls. The hotkeys are completely customizable via the preferences menu and there is support for global hotkeys as well.

Basic playback: Audio:
spacebar – Play/Pause

S – Stop

N – Next file in playlist

P – Previous file in playlist

M – Mute on/off

Ctrl+Up arrow – Turn volume up (1/32)

Ctrl+Down arrow – Turn volume down

Ctrl+K – Increase audio delay by 50ms (for infinity)

Ctrl+L – Decrease audio delay by 50ms

L – Switch audio track

Time shifting: Other
Shift+Right arrow – Very short skip forward (3-second default)

Shift+Left arrow – Very short skip backward

Alt+Right arrow – Short skip forward (10-second default)

Alt+Left arrow – Short skip backward

Ctrl+Right arrow – Medium skip forward (1-minute default)

Ctrl+Left arrow – Medium skip backward

Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow – Long skip forward (5-minute default)

Ctrl+Alt+Left arrow – Long skip backward

- (minus sign) – Slow playback by half (up to .125x)

+ – Double playback speed (up to 8x)

Ctrl+Alt+S – Takes screenshot of current frame

Ctrl+Q – Quits program completely

w – Wallpaper mode

Display settings:
A – Toggle aspect ratio (16:10; 16:9, 1:1, 221:100, 4:3, 5:4, default)

C – Toggle crop (same ratios)

T – Show time played/time left

I – Bring VLC interface to front

Ctrl+H – Increase subtitle delay by 50ms (for infinity)

Ctrl+J – Decrease subtitle delay by 50ms

K – Switch subtitle track


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  1. thanx for this great collection of vlc shortcut keys.
    here you can read about how make vlc player looks great

    Posted by jeetu | November 17, 2011, 7:35 am

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