Irfan View keyboard shortcuts

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18 Responses

  1. serantatt says:

    I found this site using [url=][/url] And i want to thank you for your work. You have done really very good site. Great work, great site! Thank you!

    Sorry for offtopic

  2. Dr says:

    Thank you. Glad u like it.

  3. Merllie says:

    Sorry, I have a question.
    If I am using Irfanview to scan, I usually use this short-cut key:

    CTRL + SHIFT + A: Acquire/Batch Scanning. And hit the “Enter” button.

    I would like to know the next short-cut key I can use instead of clicking on the “preview” button. I hope you know what I mean. Thanks in advance.

  4. Dr says:

    Can’t help you there Merllie – Im afraid theres no shortcut for that.

  5. exhoosier says:

    Why is there no link to remove the program?

  6. Dr says:

    As in, uninstall?

  7. Bob Thompson says:

    Can you tell me how to instantly fit the image to the window? If I zoom to a small section of the image (high zoom factor) I want to be able to *quickly* get back to my full image view without having to press “unzoom” 50 times.


  8. Dr says:

    It’s the
    SHIFT + W Fit images to window
    Shift + 0 Full (100%) image view

  9. Bob Thompson says:

    Is there a way to pan in Irfanview, besides just dragging the scrollbar on the right/bottom of the window? There seems to be no key for this. Scrolling the mouse wheel moves to the next/previous image. Ctrl-scroll zooms in and out. It’s a real pain to have to pan by dragging the scrollbars.

  10. Dr says:

    I use the arrow keys for that, Bob.

  11. morpheas768 says:

    Is there any way to change these keyboard shortcuts?

    *Even with the registry editor, or any other way.

  12. tset says:

    is there a way to stop an automatic slideshow for comments spoken by a person?

  13. Rich says:

    Great work on compiling this. One question – it appears that ctrl + page up/down doesn’t work after version 3.85. Space bar appears to be the only way to advance to the next file. Are there any other shortcuts to advance?


  14. Dr says:

    @Rich: I have 4.28 and still works. You can do it with arrow keys just as well.

    @tset: not following you there.

  15. sarma says:

    I am using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 ver and scanning thro’ file > import ? wia USB5800. Can I have direct shortcut key to scan after opening the adobe photoshop software without operating the mouse… Plz. advise me.

  16. Dr says:

    Didn’t find any Sarma, sorry.

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