Windows Live Mail Shortcut Keys

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21 Responses

  1. George says:

    Windows mail quit showing attachments in incoming mail mssages

  2. abdullah khan says:

    this site is bad

  3. kevin lee says:

    what are the keyboard commands to insert/send an attachment

  4. Dr says:

    Kevin, try Alt + I, while in the new message window (which is Ctrl+N)and then press IA. Hope that helps.

  5. greg baur says:

    I am using IE 9 with jaws 12. To access the contact list, use ctl 3. To get the details of an email, use ctl f3. I am still looking for navigation keys to use with the contact list. For example, use esc to get to the list of folders. To open a folder, use tab. There are other short cut keys but I do not have them all figured out.

  6. Rajani Ramesh says:

    This site is very useful to me.

  7. Jim A says:

    Ctrl+M does not work for me to esnd/receive. Any suggestions?

  8. jennifer says:

    please tell mehow I can find the return arrow key on my taskbar to return to deleted text – on windows live email?

  9. dan says:

    How do you create a new folder in windows live? Went to Hotmail and created the folder and then back to windows live and synched and that did nothing. This is a very usefel site!

  10. Dr says:

    Well you right click and then New Folder – no shortcut for that Im afraid

  11. Rebecca Manners says:

    The control+shift+b combination to open contacts does not work for me.

  12. Sue says:

    Does anyone know of a keyboard shortcut that would be automatically sending email in Win Live Mail? Of course when it is half typed and not ready to be sent! It’s happened too many times to myself and another co-worker. I can’t figure it out!



  13. Amritpal says:

    Any shortcut keys for Predefined Text

  14. Shortcut Dude says:


  15. Bud Hoppler says:

    How do I print an email WITHOUT opening the email or dealing with the print widow? Using windows live mail!

  16. Bud Hoppler says:

    This question should also said “including attachments” thx

  17. David Rose says:

    Is there a shortcut to format paint?

  18. Mr. D says:

    I’m using Windows 10 Live Mail 2012… only shortcut to attach a file I’ve found (while composing a message) is ALT + 4 which is actually in the ‘Quick access tool bar’

  19. DR says:

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  20. Alkis Temperis says:

    Maybe you have to re-examine your data … CTRL+M, CTRL+SHIFT+B, … do not exist — they have no effect!

  21. MelaniT says:

    This guide shows some steps to using Windows Live Mail.  For more information, you can also get help from Microsoft .