Windows 7 keyboard shortcut keys (full list)

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  1. p@r@noid says:

    I recently installed Windows 7 on one of the spare system I had and trying to learn , Though there is not
    much to learn but again I want to get familiar with every thing before I will start using it and these
    Short cuts will be very useful for me.
    Though lots of them :”(

  2. hai,
    This is the windows 7 keyboard shortcut keys.

  3. Amol musale says:

    short cut key of win7

  4. sumit says:


  5. anubhav rathore says:

    These are windows7 nice shortcut keys.

  6. anubhav rathore says:

    windows7 is the best window.

  7. Praveen Kumar says:

    this is very usefull to win 7 peoples take care…

  8. ARAVINTH says:

    Thanks for given Win7 Shortcut keys

  9. Mani.TATA says:

    windows 7 keyboard shortcut keys!!!!

  10. Nayon Roy says:

    I like to use in short key.

  11. SANDEEP says:

    this sortcutkeys are usefull

  12. yogesh says:

    what is the shortcut key of refresh in windows7

  13. ashutosh says:

    This is not too good but not bad .

  14. ashutosh says:


  15. ramkumar says:

    this very useful to very one who using windows7 OS in there PC

  16. abhishek says:


  17. sachin says:

    it is very usefull

  18. chenna says:

    hi all OS shortcut keys and all application shortcut key,types of keyboard short keys

  19. Shyamsundar das says:

    Key board shortcut key

  20. naresh kumar says:


  21. saranya says:

    Really good to use

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  23. suranna says:

    Very Nice

  24. vazeed syed says:

    hi all these keywords are very helpfull to us check it

  25. Tripurari says:

    I’m impressed by this shortcut keys

  26. Raj says:

    It’s a very helpful im use of windows7

  27. Amol jain says:

    too good

  28. this web site is best of all for allways.

  29. thanks a lot fr givin dis knwledge

  30. Anandaraj says:

    Hi, i am sending windows shortcut keys pl verify

  31. Franky says:

    Logo Windows+Space bar: To see your background without minimizing all active program.

  32. ali shah says:

    very very nice i,m impressed

  33. sunil ramani says:

    send shorts keys for my email

  34. rahulkhariharan says:

    Now i can ctrl with keyboard.

  35. Sukanti moharana says:

    Thanx 4 giving dez informtn

  36. Manoj says:

    very nice and useful .. thanks

  37. bhargav patel says:

    nice programs
    thank you win 7


    Am alwayz freenetic to learn shortcut keys…itz very usefull and my hanker is to send some more shortcut keys to my email…thanku..

  39. SHASHVAT says:

    THIS IS AAUSM…………!

  40. rahul singh says:

    very nice collection of shortcut key….

  41. dhaval virsodiya says:

    that keys are very usefull thanx……..

  42. Pratik sohani says:

    Thank You for ur works……..

  43. sandhya says:

    very useful keys

  44. rmj khan says:

    windows7 is the best window. tq 4 provide shotcut keys

  45. rahul says:

    tnx beta

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  48. vinay goud says:

    nice work..very helpful for me..!!!

  49. aimable says:

    thks for appling this bkz it’s very and very good to the users of computers. big up and add others related to the window 8

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  51. rakesh kumar says:

    thanks…..of lot

  52. vigneswaran says:

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  53. Les says:

    Can I uninstall a program from the keyboard?

  54. lakhya says:

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  55. anitha says:

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  56. anitha says:

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  57. jayakumar says:

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  58. gautam says:

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  59. sharwan kumar says:

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  61. SATPAL BOORA says:

    pls. keyborad shotcut key send mail id THANKS

  62. g.prathap says:

    Windows 7

  63. sumit rawat says:

    thanku sir

  64. GOWTHAM says:

    i cant download the file .but this is very useful

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  66. arulkumar.a says:

    Please sir all software shortcut keys send mail to me than you sir.

  67. Kashif says:

    Sir,please i want to download pdf document

  68. Pawan Kumar Gatum says:

    thats very good
    thank for you i like

  69. mohan says:

    ok done

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  71. G. Rajesh kishnan says:

    so nice it is easy know the shortcuts keys for W7


    sir i want sort cut keys in adobe reader photoshop and ms wxcel plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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  73. sonam says:

    Better knowledge

  74. nithi says:

    useful for me

  75. nithi says:

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  76. Animesh says:

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  77. Ali says:

    Can I know what’s the short cut for going back, as we use that option very often.

  78. Rajasekar says:

    Very useful for me,thank you

  79. mahesh panchal says:

    Collection is good but PDF file is not available.

  80. y.siva kumar reddy says:

    shorcut keys are very helpfully for the users

  81. ROCKEY THAKUR says:


  82. manohar says:

    thanks nicework

  83. Shortcut Dude says:

    Depends on program…for File Explorer the combination is Alt + Left Arrow for going back and Alt + Right Arrow for going forward.

  84. Shortcut Dude says:

    Its right up there where it says Download PDF

  85. saurabh mangar says:

    this is our practicle no. 3

  86. DP says:

    it is very interesting….it is vary knowlegable for us……

  87. RAHUL RAIKWAR says:

    i like this
    thats very good
    thanxx for short keys

  88. pargat says:

    To delete and reinstall window 7 how

  89. Shortcut Dude says:

    Doubt you can do that in one shortcut…I wouldn’t advise it to exist either :)

  90. Nafad an says:

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  91. Hari prasath says:

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  92. Pratham says:

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  93. Saqlain says:

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  94. patel akshay says:

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  96. junaid says:

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  98. idarous says:

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  99. shrikrishna narayana says:

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  100. mohamedfaizal says:

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  101. kalpana says:

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  102. umer tanveer says:

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  103. deepesh says:

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  111. mormare ashwini says:

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  112. A.Manojprabhakar says:

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  113. sasi says:

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  114. Megha Bhute says:

    Very nice actually becouse of shortcut keys the long work become easy and handling of computer also easy

  115. sugeesh says:

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    Nice page its very helpful 4 me

  116. NILAY says:

    these are very ridiculous short cut keys

  117. kapil dev kalindi says:

    it very useful for me and my computer students.they thaking me for these shortcut’s n m thanks to u.

  118. gakul basumatary says:

    This shortcuts system helped me more

  119. Ram says:

    Ok I like this

  120. pratishruti mohapatra says:

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  121. Rosemary says:

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  122. mahboob alam says:

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  123. amit kumar says:

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  124. bala says:

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  125. Peterson S.B. Griffiths says:

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  126. vivek shrivastav says:

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  127. nhthreioioroir says:

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  129. ankur bisht says:

    do you have a key for creating a MS DOS/EXCEL sheet in windows 7.. if you have so please share with me .

  130. Mucunguzi Damazo says:

    Thank You

  131. asitha thilakarathna says:

    Thank you wery much windows!!!

  132. akash says:

    it really work

  133. Ravi says:

    Hi All,

    you can refer the link for more windows keyboard shortcuts

  134. Ravi says:

    Open Documents Folder – documents
    Open Videos folder – videos
    Open Downloads Folder – downloads
    Open Favorites Folder – favorites
    Open Recent Folder – recent
    Open Pictures Folder – pictures
    Windows Sideshow – control.exe /name Microsoft.WindowsSideshow
    Windows CardSpace – control.exe /name Microsoft.cardspace
    Windows Anytime Upgrade – WindowsAnytimeUpgradeui
    Taskbar and Start Menu – control.exe /name Microsoft.TaskbarandStartMenu
    Troubleshooting – control.exe /name Microsoft.Troubleshooting
    User Accounts – control.exe /name Microsoft.UserAccounts
    Adding a new Device – devicepairingwizard
    Add Hardware Wizard – hdwwiz
    Advanced User Accounts – netplwiz
    Advanced User Accounts – azman.msc
    Backup and Restore – sdclt
    Bluetooth File Transfer – fsquirt
    Calculator – calc
    Certificates – certmgr.msc
    Change Computer Performance Settings – systempropertiesperformance
    Change Data Execution Prevention Settings – systempropertiesdataexecutionprevention
    Change Data Execution Prevention Settings – printui
    Character Map – charmap
    ClearType Tuner – cttune
    Color Management – colorcpl
    Command Prompt – cmd
    Component Services – comexp.msc
    Component Services – dcomcnfg
    Computer Management – compmgmt.msc
    Computer Management – compmgmtlauncher
    Connessione proiettore di rete – netproj
    Connect to a Projector – displayswitch
    Control Panel – control
    Create A Shared Folder Wizard – shrpubw
    Create a System Repair Disc – recdisc
    Credential Backup and Restore Wizard – credwiz
    Data Execution Prevention – systempropertiesdataexecutionprevention
    Date and Time – timedate.cpl
    Default Location – locationnotifications
    Device Manager – devmgmt.msc
    Device Manager – hdwwiz.cpl
    Device Pairing Wizard – devicepairingwizard
    Diagnostics Troubleshooting Wizard – msdt
    Digitizer Calibration Tool – tabcal
    DirectX Diagnostic Tool – dxdiag
    Disk Cleanup – cleanmgr
    Disk Defragmenter – dfrgui
    Disk Management – diskmgmt.msc
    Display – dpiscaling
    Display Color Calibration – dccw
    Display Switch – displayswitch
    DPAPI Key Migration Wizard – dpapimig
    Driver Verifier Manager – verifier
    Ease of Access Center – utilman
    EFS Wizard – rekeywiz
    Event Viewer – eventvwr.msc
    Fax Cover Page Editor – fxscover
    File Signature Verification – sigverif
    Font Viewer – fontview
    Game Controllers – joy.cpl
    Getting Started – gettingstarted
    IExpress Wizard – iexpress
    Getting Started – irprops.cpl
    Install or Uninstall Display Languages – lusrmgr
    Internet Explorer – iexplore
    Internet Options – inetcpl.cpl
    iSCSI Initiator Configuration Tool – iscsicpl
    Language Pack Installer – lpksetup
    Local Group Policy Editor – gpedit.msc
    Local Security Policy – secpol.msc
    Local Users and Groups – lusrmgr.msc
    Location Activity – locationnotifications
    Magnifier – magnify
    Malicious Software Removal Tool – mrt
    Manage Your File Encryption Certificates – rekeywiz
    Math Input Panel – mip
    Microsoft Management Console – mmc
    Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool – msdt
    Mouse – main.cpl
    NAP Client Configuration – napclcfg.msc
    Narrator – narrator
    Network Connections – ncpa.cpl
    New Scan Wizard – wiaacmgr
    Notepad – notepad
    ODBC Data Source Administrator – odbcad32
    ODBC Driver Configuration – odbcconf
    On-Screen Keyboard – osk
    Paint – mspaint
    Pen and Touch – tabletpc.cpl
    People Near Me – collab.cpl
    Performance Monitor – perfmon.msc
    Performance Options – systempropertiesperformance
    Phone and Modem – telephon.cpl
    Phone Dialer – dialer
    Power Options – powercfg.cpl
    Presentation Settings – presentationsettings
    Print Management – printmanagement.msc
    Printer Migration – printbrmui
    Printer User Interface – printui
    Private Character Editor – eudcedit
    Problem Steps Recorder – psr
    Programs and Features – appwiz.cpl
    Protected Content Migration – dpapimig
    Region and Language – intl.cpl
    Registry Editor – regedit
    Registry Editor 32 – regedt32
    Remote Access Phonebook – rasphone
    Remote Desktop Connection – mstsc
    Resource Monitor – resmon
    Resultant Set of Policy – rsop.msc
    SAM Lock Tool – syskey
    Screen Resolution – desk.cpl
    Securing the Windows Account Database – syskey
    Services – services.msc
    Set Program Access and Computer Defaults – computerdefaults
    Share Creation Wizard – shrpubw
    Shared Folders – fsmgmt.msc
    Snipping Tool – snippingtool
    Sound – mmsys.cpl
    Sound recorder – soundrecorder
    SQL Server Client Network Utility – cliconfg
    Sticky Notes – stikynot
    Stored User Names and Passwords – credwiz
    Sync Center – mobsync
    System Configuration – msconfig
    System Configuration Editor – sysedit
    System Information – msinfo32
    System Properties – sysdm.cpl
    System Properties (Advanced Tab) – systempropertiesadvanced
    System Properties (Computer Name Tab) – systempropertiescomputername
    System Properties (Hardware Tab) – systempropertieshardware
    System Properties (Remote Tab) – systempropertiesremote
    System Properties (System Protection Tab) – systempropertiesprotection
    System Restore – rstrui
    Task Manager – taskmgr
    Task Scheduler – taskschd.msc
    Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Management – tpm.msc
    User Account Control Settings – useraccountcontrolsettings
    Utility Manager – utilman
    Version Reporter Applet – winver
    Volume Mixer – sndvol
    Windows Action Center – wscui.cpl
    Windows Activation Client – slui
    Windows Anytime Upgrade Results – windowsanytimeupgraderesults
    Windows CardSpace – infocardcpl.cpl
    Windows Disc Image Burning Tool – isoburn
    Windows DVD Maker – dvdmaker
    Windows Easy Transfer – migwiz
    Windows Explorer – explorer
    Windows Fax and Scan – wfs
    Windows Features – optionalfeatures
    Windows Firewall – firewall.cpl
    Windows Firewall with Advanced Security – wf.msc
    Windows Journal – journal
    Windows Media Player – wmplayer
    Windows Memory Diagnostic Scheduler – mdsched
    Windows Mobility Center – mblctr
    Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard – wiaacmgr
    Windows PowerShell – powershell
    Windows PowerShell ISE – powershell_ise
    Windows Remote Assistance – msra
    Windows Repair Disc – recdisc
    Windows Script Host – wscript
    Windows Update – wuapp
    Windows Update Standalone Installer – wusa
    Versione Windows – winver
    WMI Management – wmimgmt.msc
    WordPad – write
    XPS Viewer – xpsrchvw

  135. Shortcut Dude says:

    Hey Ravi…I’ve made a post with your list here:
    Thanks for your suggestion!

  136. Pragati sharma says:

    Very important for us

  137. Gene says:

    How do I change (toggle) highlighted text from lowercase to upper, and back? I think shortcut combination involves use of F3 key.

  138. Shortcut Dude says:

    @Gene – depends on the program. if you’re referring to MS Word then the combination is indeed Shift + F3

  139. Gene says:

    Thanks, Dude,
    It is Microsoft Office Word 2007. Shift + F3 doesn’t work, I think there is a third key in the combination. I tried the flag, and that isn’t it.

  140. Shortcut Dude says:

    You should check, maybe it has been changed. Here is a short walkthrough to check that:
    Display the Word Options dialog box. (In Word 2007 click the Office button and then click Word Options. In Word 2010 or Word 2013 click the File tab of the ribbon and then click Options.)
    At the left side of the dialog box click Customize (Word 2007) or Customize Ribbon (Word 2010 and Word 2013).
    Near the bottom of the dialog box click the Customize button. Word displays the Customize Keyboard dialog box.
    In the Categories list, choose All Commands.
    In the Commands list, choose the ChangeCase command. You should see, in the dialog box, the shortcut keys that have been assigned to the command.
    If Shift+F3 is not listed in the Current Keys box, click once in the Press New Shortcut Key box and press Shift+F3.

  141. I want to know more about computer

  142. Ab.Rahman says:

    This is a realy goog list of this side but please give me softwere of these words so I thankful of all friends thank you friends

  143. Ajay says:

    thank you so much .and i was very supersize .when ever i see you all windo sort cut .i was very socked .and i am so happy .and tahnk you so much.

  144. Olga says:

    Very useful

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