Wordpad shortcut keys

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33 Responses

  1. Asim Khuram says:

    I like the way of learning technology through website im impressed

  2. usman! says:

    m thnkful to you !

  3. Super idea for study

  4. Pawan Kumar says:

    How to change font without mouse

  5. exclent i can use it my office work speedly yar

  6. shaurya says:


  7. jyoti ranjan badatya says:

    really you done a excellent work….

  8. hema says:

    thank you for a help

  9. Nehru lal says:

    ThankU shorts keys

  10. Ashok kumar says:

    Thanks for help in wordpad.

  11. Abhishek says:

    Thanks for help

  12. Shashi nehta says:

    super idia for study

  13. thanks for wordpad shortkeys

  14. Anubhav vishwakarma says:

    How to save the task of note pad to wordpad?

  15. kajal says:

    thanku sooooooooooooo much

  16. Sonoo vk says:

    Wow its very helpful thank you for this idea appear… I’m so happy with it

  17. Jagadish says:

    Nice to know the shortcuts. Do we have any shortcut to change the font color?

  18. Shortcut Dude says:

    Not that Im aware of

  19. shan says:

    Thank you ………………………….

  20. manikanta says:

    This is good way for learning

  21. Questioner says:

    is there a way to use one single button to keep doing the same color to every single text you highlight and use that button to keep doing the same thing you have been doing with all the text like make them bold with just one key and highlight next and press the button to do the same

  22. ranadhir reddy says:

    thank you , its very helpful ……….

  23. akshay says:

    Thank You……

  24. Nikhil kumar says:

    Thanks you

  25. Akshay says:

    Thank you for helping

  26. arti maurya says:

    sir aapne word count karne ki shortcut key nahi bataye, plz bataye sir

  27. Dinesh Devaraj says:

    thanks for this shortcut keys its helping me and saving my time

  28. mlig says:

    Hi everybody,
    I’m looking for a shortcut for strikethrough text…
    Do you have an idea?
    Many thanks

  29. DIvine says:

    Two shortcuts to add, the home key returns the cursor to the beginning of a line and end brings the cursor to the end of a line, so if you wanna edit the beginning or end of a sentence quickly without having to use the mouse, you can just do that.

  30. lwaya says:

    thanks for the information

  31. John says:

    Divine, that’s just pressing the “Home” and “End” keys. They send your cursor to the start and end of a line, respectively.

  32. edward says:

    wordpad time and date.
    the sequence is:

    ALT+ 4
    then hit enter.

    make sure you have the quick ribbon enabled I think, you may not need it enabled.

    Microsoft you better fix this NOW!!!! @Microsoft I had to die and come back to life to fix this issue.
    it is much required/needed.